Sunday, July 14, 2002

I haven't blogged here since getting back from Port Townsend FiddleTunes this week... not sure how to summarize it. Derrane was a very bright guy, empathic, emphasized hard work, I pulled away keeping the beat with the foot and cleaning up the ends of the notes, driving the crowd. I learned a lot listening to sessions from Brendan Doyle and the Canote Brothers. There were a couple of singers who slayed me, real good, particularly towards the wee hours of the morning. I really felt the distinction between tunes and songs, but I like both a lot.

Desultory practice during the week, more what I felt like when I felt like it than anything regimented. Went to an East Bay party today with Dobro, I sucked because my positions aren't habits yet, but my singing was the most fun and I could hear melodies. Been listening to Milton Brown & Bob Wills in preparation for Johnny Gimble camp tomorrow.... 8)